Songbirdís Place

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Welcome to Songbirdís Place!


Times have changed since this website first went up.† My very first website was on yahoo and they made it simple with their on-line tools, and when I moved to Homestead it was much the same.† But since I hated the advertising and wanted more flexibility and space, I moved one more time.


This time there werenít any on-line tools and I was on my own.† I learned the programs as I created each page [and probably made every mistake possible!]† However, I DID learn...and of course, Iím still learning!


It was a website dedicated to my favorite TV show JAG and grew from there.† The entire sprawling website still exists and you can reach it by clicking on the link to the left.† I must admit though, it hasnít been updated in years.


Nowadays, my time is devoted to Songbird Designs.† We specialize in designing websites and producing newsletters for Homeowner and Condominium Associations.† Would you like to know more?† Check us out via the link at the left.